After the layout of your new Thunder Pools designed swimming pool, excavation is the next step. This phase of the project actually marks the beginning of pool construction, and also signifies the time for our first progress payment. This allows us to purchase all the necessary materials and pool equipment for your project in Oklahoma City, OK. This step has probably the BIGGEST impact on the entire project, as you transition from seeing a flat drawing of your pool on the ground to a three-dimensional version of the pool. However, it can also cause significant damage to surrounding landscaping, underground lines, and patios, so be prepared for a messy construction site.

“EXCAVATION” – BRIEF OVERVIEW: Once the pool is laid out, it is ready for excavation. The layout serves as a precise marker for the excavation crew, who will begin to dig your new pool in Oklahoma City, OK. Our excavation team is equipped with heavy machinery and is highly experienced, making digging like a simple process, unless they encounter rock. The excavation process is not a finesse job, and they will likely run over plants, pavers, and anything else that is in their way in order to complete the job efficiently. This is normal, but they will show respect for anything outside of the construction area. The excavation of the pool can take anywhere from one day to three days, depending on the size of the pool, soil conditions, complexity of the design, and scope of work.

As a landscape and general contractor, as well as a pool contractor, don’t be surprised to see our excavation crew working on your landscape project as well. It is not uncommon for them to assist with digging tree holes, footings, and other parts of the job to help keep our entire process on schedule and operating efficiently. It may be messy, but keep in mind that during any construction project, things often get worse before they get better.