“Tile and Decking for Swimming Pools in Oklahoma” – Brief Overview: The decking phase of your pool project in Oklahoma refers to the patios and walkways surrounding your new pool. The type of decking you choose, whether it be natural stone coping, pavers, concrete, or another surface, can be selected in collaboration with your professional and experienced swimming pool designer. Decking can be installed before or after the waterline tile, so don’t be surprised if the order changes. If you have concrete decking with an “acrylic” overlay, the tile will be installed after the concrete has been poured. Conversely, if your patio is made of flagstone, travertine, or paver coping, the tile will be installed first. Our skilled stone masons are experts in installing all types of natural stone coping. If your project requires other features such as a cool deck, the timelines will be relayed as the project progresses.