Finance Your New Pool and Spa

Looking to finance your dream pool? Thunder Pools offers flexible financing options with competitive rates. Let us help you turn your backyard into a paradise.

Are you considering installing a new swimming pool or spa, but concerned about the upfront cost? Financing your pool or spa may be a smart option to consider.

Thunder Pools has partnered with Lyon Financial, a specialist in pool financing, to offer low fixed rates, loans up to $200,000, and terms up to 30 years. Plus, there are no consulting fees, prepayment penalties, equity or appraisals required.

With electronic documents for fast approvals and support from both the homeowner and pool professional until the project is complete, financing your pool or spa has never been easier. 

Pool Financing Considerations

Enjoy the benefits

First and foremost, financing a pool or spa allows you to enjoy the benefits of your investment immediately. Rather than waiting and saving for years to purchase a pool or spa outright, financing allows you to start enjoying your new oasis right away. This means you can create memories with your family and friends sooner, while also increasing the value of your home.

Save the money

Financing your pool or spa can also help protect your savings. By financing your pool or spa, you can keep your savings in the bank, where it can continue to earn interest or be used for emergencies or other important expenses. This can help provide a safety net for unexpected expenses while still allowing you to enjoy your new pool or spa.

Smart planning

Financing your pool or spa can also help you stay within your budget. Rather than depleting your savings or maxing out your credit cards, financing allows you to spread the cost of your pool or spa over a longer period of time. This can help ease the burden on your finances, making it more manageable to pay for your pool or spa without sacrificing your lifestyle.

Start now

Financing your pool or spa can provide many benefits, including immediate enjoyment, budget management, improved credit, higher quality products, and protection of your savings. If you’re ready to make your backyard dreams a reality, consider financing your pool or spa with Thunder Pools.

Apply now to start your pool or spa project today.